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Where have i been?

I'm almost 18 y.o and i have been to many unique places in the past years. I live in Europe so it is really easy to travel around, but even tho i didn't actually see that many european countries, I'm proud to say that i did reach 3 different continents and two hemispheres. So, here... Continue Reading →

Where I’m going next

In the following months i will be adding to my travel list Cuba, Israel, Morocco and maybe Thailand or The Philippines, all within the next 4 months. Even tho most of them are viewed as dangerous or just not a typical family trip I'm sure that i will have the time of my life and... Continue Reading →

Where the Journey Began

We all want to seize and see the world, but how many of use actually do it ? Work, travel, save, repeat, right? We work our ass off to enjoy the little time for ourselves and we wait the whole year for that moment. But how about saying yes to the moment and just go... Continue Reading →

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