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Where to eat in Sozopol

Mehana Sozopol Located in the middle of the old city, this restaurant is the heart of the city. I think i've eaten here about 5 times in my 2 stays. The prices are low and the food is AMAZING. Here you can find local food and local music that makes your wanna come back. Be... Continue Reading →

What to do in Sozopol

It's a small beach town at the Black Sea, located half an hour from Burgas and almost an hour away from Nessebar with an old part made of cobblestone narrow roads and wood buildings. It has 4 main parts : the port, the old city, the central beach (between the old and new part of... Continue Reading →

Being ripped off in Sozopol

I would usually not wanna talk about the bad experiences but this was the only time that we paid for a hotel room and totally be ripped off from a 3star hotel. Although I won't mention the name of the hotel, i just have to say that it totally lies on his booking preview. We... Continue Reading →

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