What to do in Sozopol

It’s a small beach town at the Black Sea, located half an hour from Burgas and almost an hour away from Nessebar with an old part made of cobblestone narrow roads and wood buildings.

It has 4 main parts : the port, the old city, the central beach (between the old and new part of the city) and the Harmani beach (located in the new town).

The Central Beach

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-23 at 13.34.38

The Central beach is smaller and you usually have to pay about 6 lev for an umbrella. I founded that that beach was more my taste, the water being more clean and clear and perfect for swimming. You have restaurants and bars right next to the beach or you can easily go to the old town for eating.

This beach is usually more crowded being smaller and closer to everything.

Harmani beach


Harmani beach is the bigger beach, located in the new part (the photo from above is old and now there are hotels and restaurants everywhere). This beach is wider and longer than the Central beach, so it is a better option during the busy months of July and August. Next to the beach are tons of restaurants and bars with cheaper prices than the other beach, and a lot of shops and markets.

The port

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-23 at 13.34.38 (4)

Do take a stroll around the port at sunset and around the old town by the sea. The view is amazing and there are fewer people and fewer noises here. You can even eat here at one of the restaurants around the port.

The old town


The old town is where everything is happening and where you find the best atmosphere. Wander around the streets and loose a couple of hours finding the hidden gems.

1 sozopol-old-town

Sozopol is considered the oldest Bulgarian town on the seaside and remains of ancient construction and life can still be seen around or exhibited in the local museums so go and walk the streets day or night. The medieval and antique ruins are in the open and can be seen with no charge.


If you want to see more you can try finding another beautiful beach almost 4km away by car or take a 1 day trip to Burgas or Nessebar.

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