Being ripped off in Sozopol

I would usually not wanna talk about the bad experiences but this was the only time that we paid for a hotel room and totally be ripped off from a 3star hotel. Although I won’t mention the name of the hotel, i just have to say that it totally lies on his booking preview.

We are a family of 4 so of course we book the largest rooms when we go somewhere but somehow here we ended up in something closet-looking, 2 rooms and a bathroom ,the size of a queen size room… YES, 1 room made into 3 with almost no windows or airflow. The worst part was that it was actually stinking from the toilet. So of course we went to the reception and demanded to be moved to the room we paid(2 bedrooms, one kitchen and 1 bathroom and a seaview). Yeah, we spent our first night there in that tiny room until our room finally cleared out. The next room was absolutely but we were so over this already and we only wanted to chill on the beach. That’s when the real “nice” thing starts.

We always book hotels right by the beach and this time we did the same. Except we didn’t?Our so called hotel was on top of a hill. We had to go down for about 5-10 minutes in dust and mud and then go through a car wash and few places sketchy.

If everything wasn’t unpleasant enough, the old city was actually kilometers away, not 800 meters away, and we had to go through a circus. We didn’t stay much there…

Sozopol is an amazing beach old city with amazing beaches and nightlife, but be really careful of your accommodation because Bulgaria is full of places trying to rip you off.


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